Workshops & Webinars 



Image this: You and me build your website on a Saturday. One week… no website. The next weekend, you have a new website! Below you will find details, what you need, and dates to book.


  1. This is in person: You get to ask me any questions you may have.

  2. Build Your Site in One Day: Very similar to our one day build option, this is in person. You get everything that we offer in the one day build PLUS it’s live where you can ask questions at any moment!

  3. Price savings: My cost for a website is typically thousands of dollars. You get everything for less than a brand new iPhone!

  4. Design? Content?: We will help you design your site home page, about page, contact page, and everything in-between.

  5. Leftover work: Not to fret. I will supply you with access my Squarespace Masterclass. The course covers everything from A to Z to launching your website. Anything leftover in the workshop will be available for you to access.

What You Need Before Day of Workshop?

I’ll need two sets of things: content and assets.

Content is the text for your about page, home page, services, products, etc. It’s the write up for each section. Often, this is only a page or two of content, but without anything, the process becomes a bit of a drag. If you are building most types of websites that work in this process, you will need content for:

  1. Home page (tagline, call to action)

  2. A few testimonials

  3. Descriptions of your services

  4. Text for your about page

  5. Product details, price, and

Assets: You will need a brand. Without a brand, it will be hard to decide if the shade of blue #el013k is the right color or not. There are ways around this, but if you are highly particular about design and don’t have ideas of what you want already, this process may not be for you.

Main assets we need:

  1. Logo

  2. Font options

  3. Color Palette

There are more we can use, but these three above will make the process way smoother!


Register Below (up to 8 people per workshop… so it’s easier for us to work together) Snacks provided. Lunch will be 1 hour break between 12pm-1pm. Workshop starts at 830am and ends around 4pm.

Location: Specific location to be announced week of event.

  • Feb. 23 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

  • March 23 (Sat) - Los Angeles (Fullerton)

  • April 27 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

  • May 18 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

  • June 22 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

  • July 20 (Sat) - Los Angeles (Fullerton)

  • August 17 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

  • Sept 21 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

  • Oct 26 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

  • Nov 9 (Sat) - Orange County (Irvine/Costa Mesa)

*Links for future dates will become available over time. If you like to book your spot in advance, email me here.

Best Clients For This Type Of Build?

The best types of websites are:

  • Consultancies

  • Accounting Firms

  • Life Coaches

  • Photographers

  • Digital Marketing Agency

  • Branding Agency

  • Boutiques

  • Small Businesses

  • Personal Portfolio Websites

  • Non-Profits (not churches)

  • Blogs (if you need the structure built, not 200 posts moved to Squarespace)

  • Architects

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee Shops

  • Migrating from Wordpress/Wix/etc.

More questions? Email me here.


Dates to be announced shortly.