Helping people turn their passion into a marketable, profitable business through website design, digital marketing campaigns, and product creation.


Based in Costa Mesa, CA, I run Spacebar Agency with my colleagues. In the process of building Spacebar, I become a Squarespace Authorized Trainer (there are only 150 in the world) & run over $1.5 M in advertising spend.


Industries I Serve

Clinical Trials, Online Businesses, Start-Ups, Subscription Based Businesses, Church, Mission Organizations, Non-Profits, & more.


Spacebar Agency

Spacebar Agency started in 2017 when I was a independent Website Designer & Marketing Specialist. For any client ready to spend $10K or more on a brand, website and/or marketing campaign, visit us here.


Squarespace Authorized Trainer

While working as a freelancer, I somehow become a Squarespace Authorized Trainer. Low & behold, there are less than 150 in the entire world. Have questions about Squarespace, our design team could help.

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Desigining Products

Anytime I find a product I want, but it doesn't exist & my interest align with the product, I get an itch to create it. From writing my first book at 25 to designing notebooks/journals & designing websites, it seems the creation process helps me become a better me.


Because I design products, websites, and ads, I help others turn their passion into marketable, protifable businesses through online courses, a facebook group, and articles.

Google Ads Expert

Google ads are typically the first three to four results you will see in Google when you search. I help companies place those in the right place, at the right time. Now, all clients come through Spacebar Agency. 


Our Values



We value people speaking truth, plain and simple. The best ideas should win, not the biggest egos.


If we say we are going to do the work, we do the work.



If the results are good or bad, we always tell the truth and build trust with clients and the team. We can never predict how the market will work and we don’t need to hide from that.


Giving extra time to a project may happen. It’s part of the process of being a good account manager. Generosity is more than money. It’s time, talent, research, skill.


Work Spacebar Agency

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