Creating jobs through helping others turn their passion into a side-hustle or business.


Through various training programs and teaching, the goal is job creation or new streams of income. Many people struggle to turn their passion into a marketable, profitable business. As a professional website designer and marketer, I can help you start.


Teaching is an arena I am exploring more and more. Hopefully by the start of 2019, that will be 75% of my work.



Turning a passion into a business the first time is hard. There are so many questions and discoveries along the way that most avoid it. 


You can find my courses in various places. As of right now, they are being remade and will be relaunching soon.



Via Medium posts, articles on my website, & youtube videos, we equip & empower people to build their passion into a marketable, profitable business in less than 90 days.


The goal is to empower people to empower others. If my teaching ends with my student, I failed. My hope is that the student will go on and teach others. Let's create new sources of income for 100,000 people around the world.



Without standards, we lose the value of helping each other grow. Below we outline the expectations of our teaching:



This is a start-up environment with a great client base and room for growth. Some processes are not set in stone, so being flexible as we learn and develop process is a must. Want to develop a process, get at it!

Meaningful Experience

If you aren’t growing, let us know. This internship is designed to give you hands-on skill and ability to develop and manage large client accounts.



The goal is 60 minutes a day, each day of the week, not 6 hours one day a week. Better results come from the day-to-day commitment than the sparadic time investments.

Good Leadership

If we aren’t leading well, tell us. We are here to give you a full experience. What’s missing? Could it be done better, faster, with less back-and-forth… we are always ready to listen. Just say, “I have a suggestion...” and fire away. 


Teaching Watch

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