In-Depth SEO Make sure you show up when it matters.


Who This is For

This is for anyone who needs the base structure of there SEO established. Don’t know what keywords to use? This will get you started. This is for bloggers, startups, small business owners, restaurants, and the more.

Why David

I’ve been very fortunate in my work. I started advertising on Google about 4 years ago and now I have managed over $2M in ad spend on Google. Currently, I manage over $60,000 a month of ad spend on Google/Bing/Yahoo. In other words, I understand how search operates at it’s core and can implement all my knowledge into your site.

What you get

Here is a breakdown of services for SEO we can do:
1. 100-Point Checklist Completed
2. Define ALL URL Slugs
3. Link site to Search Console
4. Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console
5. Setup Google Analytics
6. Define All Website Settings Relevant to SEO
7. Video Walk-through of next steps and overview of the
work we did
8. Fast Turnaround


It’s $599 for the 100-point SEO checklist and implementation. It takes about 7-10 business days to implement and you receive the video at the end.