My passion is being a voice for orphans burdened by a lack of basic needs.


Millions of children around the world are left to fend on the streets for food, shelter, and work, that education becomes an inattentive priority.

In Myanmar and a few local countries in Southeast Asia I work with locals to bring much needed support & education to children in need.

We do this through sustainable goals that drive hope and dignity over handouts and dependence. I have been all-aboard since 2012.

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Since 2011, I have been volunteering at least 3 weeks a year to helping others in Souteast Asia & Africa.


Leading Teams

I’m passionate about exploring digital and physical spaces, and the impact that design can have on people, communities, and businesses.

Designing the Future

Despite trillions of dollars in Western aid, 2.8 billion people worldwide still struggle in abject poverty. Yet the world’s richest countries continue to send money—mostly to governments—targeting the symptoms, rather than the root causes of poverty. We need a better solution.

Based off the Give Work model (more info here), I work to first bring dignity to people & then partner with people to give others the opportunity to build a future for themselves.




In 2012, we began building philanthropic ventures with new models of support for children in Myanmar. Our methods have grown over the years, but we have come to be the #1 result on Google for child support in Myanmar.


Running The Mission Journal

On June 1, 2017, my girlfriend & I launched the Mission Journal. The Mission Journal is a prompt-based journal for missionaries heading on short-term trips around the world. It's designed to give users a simple way to capture everything that is happening.

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With everything I do for work, my team, those I mentor, and myself donate a portion of our sales back to helping others. 

Helping others begins with generosity. It begins with generosity for those who need a little or big push. If it's hiring those in poverty or mentoring those younger than us, we build a culture of generosity to all.


Passion Orphan Care

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