Meetings 2018: Rules & Booking


Hi Client, Friend, New Friend,

This is my policy for having in-person meetings. 

Now before I begin, you may ask: who setups an entire policy for their in-person meetings? I realized, who wouldn't do this? For some people, having meetings with people during the week helps them become more productive. For most my work, it takes deep focus & its scientifically proven that interruptions are the archnemesis of deep work (more about it here).

Deep work builds my skill as a business manager, to bring value to the market that is hard to replicate. And this is what you want from me as a friend or hire. In 2018 and the future, distractions are only increasing. This simple skill is becoming increasily rare. Open offices, emails, and your $1350 iPhone produces tons of shallow work. Techonlogy is our friend, it helps us do so much more. Let's use it's design to help us be more productive, not counter-productive.

But deep work in itself is a skill itself. And this is my policy to help foster the best David.

I only do in-person meetings

  • It's with a mentor
  • It's with a potential client
  • It has a defined goal and a predetermined finish time (and can't be resolved via email). More about this note below.
  • It's to resolve an interpersonal issue (these are always done better in person than via email/text)

Other than that, I don't really have meetings unless I've predetermined my value for the meeting. 

About the defined goal... let's get real: People ramble and talk a big game. Meetings without a clear agenda don't let me come prepared and can through off my whole day if the meetings are too mentally demanding. No meeting should last more than 30 minutes. As it was best said, "There is no problem so complex, nor crisis so grave, that it cannot be satisfactorily resolved within twenty minutes.(source)"

A couple final notes

Coffee hangs

I don't do coffee hangs unless you ask for something from specifically. I don't say this to brag - I have a great set of friends. I'm open to meeting, and learning your story. I don't need more friends though. I would rather go deep with five people than shallow with 50 people. If you have a clear objective of something you need from me, tell me. That will motivate me more. 

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