Orphan Care Activist - making a living running Spacebar Agency & selling plants with my beautiful girlfriend.



Originally from Egypt, my family moved to California just about one year before I was born. 

Helping others was a core trait of my family DNA growing up. My mother & father taught my brother & I great habits around hard work and true integrity. And this is true about my work today.

My passion is building trust with people, first. Through empathy, strategic, & contextual design, we work together to co-construct what can help you go to the next level. From there, we work it out practically with web, marketing, and all things good. It's a fulfilling day job.

Located in Orange County, CA




Purpose Built Young (2015)


The Mission Journal

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Fun Facts

I am 100% Egyptian
I have lived in Berlin, Germany
I had an amazing afro in 2011
When I find a song I love, I am prone to listen to it 400x in a row, that week

David Iskander Headshot - Los Angeles, CA
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